It was a pleasure to have been invited to the Transatlantic Innovation Week 2022. UnternehmerTUM hosted this event to discuss questions like: How can entrepreneurial ecosystems contribute to a #CircularEconomy?  and What is necessary to build tomorrow’s #circular unicorns? 

Amy Gutmann, the newly appointed US Ambassador to Germany and former President of the University of Pennsylvania, Susanne Kadner, the Director of the Circular Economy Initiative, Dr. Philipp Gerbert, the General Managing Director of TUM Venture Labs, and Christian Haessler, the Global Program Lead Circular Economy at Covestro, as well as Anne Lamp, Cofounder of the award-winning circular start-up traceless, were among the panelists.

It was a pleasure to pitch our concept for enabling the circular economy of lithium ion batteries and discuss the circular economy with renowned entrepreneurs and representatives of the public sector.

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