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You can book a transport of OK, defective or critically damaged lithium-ion batteries on the road all over Europe. Including waste and dangerous goods transports.

Transport boxes

  • You can buy the LiBCycle box to transport and store OK and defective batteries (P903, P908, P909, P910)
  • You can rent LiBCycle or other boxes for a daily fee
  • You can lease LiBCycle or other boxes for a longer period
  • You can book logistics including transport boxes, and we will arrive at the dispatch address with the suitable boxes and bring your batteries safely to the destination and you don’t have to worry about transport boxes at all

Dismantling & 2nd Life or Recycling

You can book a transport including dismantling. In this case we dismantle the battery packs into modules or cells and determine which ones can get a second life and which ones must be recycled. We also help you find the best recycler or second life provider for you, and you receive all the necessary documentation once your battery has been recycled.

Use Cases

Where our service comes in handy

Reverse Logistics

You have employees all over Europe working with laptops in many locations and from time to time a laptop battery becomes swollen and must be recycled. You don’t want to find the nearest recycling facility to optimize costs and organize each waste transport separately, because you know, that dangerous waste transporters are not easy to find, and you would need dangerous goods packaging.

You can contact us and tell us how many laptops from which location must be recycled and we take care of the rest.



Logistics concept

(OEM with repair shops)

You work for a big car manufacturing company. Your colleagues at the repair shops change batteries and your task is to get all used battery modules to a test facility to determine what should happen to the batteries. You can contact us, and we can establish a logistics concept together. Our dangerous goods certified truck drivers go to the repair shops with the appropriate battery transport boxes and bring the used to your test facilities. You don’t have to worry about finding the right packaging and a local certified dangerous goods logistics company. You can contact us, and we take care of the rest.



(Dangerous) Waste transport

You have critically damaged lithium-ion batteries and already found a recycler. Now you must find a suitable dangerous goods packaging in accordance with ADR-P911, and a logistics company licensed to handle dangerous waste. You can contact us, and we pick up the batteries and bring them in the right packaging to your chosen recycler. You don’t have to worry about waste and dangerous good licenses, dangerous goods packaging and its maintenance or container management systems. You just contact us and we take care of the rest.



Transport box purchase/lease

You work with batteries, you have a find different module types and have your own logistics partner, but you need new transport boxes. You are looking for an intuitive packaging solution, where your colleagues have an easy job loading the battery modules into the box. At the same time you are looking for a box which allows no room for error to avoid high legal fees and penalties. You can buy our LiBCycle box which is certified Y-coded UN dangerous goods packaging and fulfills all your requirements.



Transport box development

You have a lot of batteries which cannot be transported in regular transport boxes. They might be too big, too heavy or might have sensible parts on each side, so it must be suspended in a frame. You are looking for a suitable dangerous goods packaging, but you cannot find one. You just contact us, we set up an initial meeting to talk requirements, timeline and budget and we start developing a special transport box, which fits your requirements best and allows you to transport your batteries in a compliant and safe way.