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The Problem

with batteries of electric vehicle

The number of electric vehicles is continuously increasing. But what happens to possible defective lithium-ion batteries?

So far, the industry has focused on building up recycling capacities. But the currently extremely confusing, complex, inefficient and cost-intensive transport of defective lithium-ion batteries remains unattended.

Organizational effort

In the future, a huge number of different battery and battery module types will have to be transported to a wide variety of locations. In addition, suitable packaging must be available at the right place and at the right time. This leads to a high coordination and organization effort for your employees

Complex logistics

In addition, once the battery is no longer as good as new, it must be transported as dangerous goods. Dangerous goods transport requires qualified personnel, specially equipped trucks, special packaging and additional certification if the battery is classified as waste.

Unintuitive packaging solutions

The current packaging solutions are laborious to handle due to the non-intuitive design and the many additional parts (pillows, pyrobubbles). Therefore, carelessness or lack of expertise can lead to incorrect loading of the batteries into the packaging and result in transport that is not legally compliant. This entails legal and financial risks for the company.

Legal certainty

Error prevention and risk minimization by ensuring compliance with legal safety standards through ready-made overall system without additional individual components

Maximal flexibility

Shape and size-independent transport of a wide variety of battery geometries – completely without external additional components (e.g. pyrobubbles, cushions)

Time and complexity reduction

Minimizing the time required for the organization and loading of the battery box as well as increasing the user-friendliness through a simple loading process by means of an intuitive standard box solution.

The Solution

We deliver the solution for your problems

We offer a full service including logistics, specially developed packaging and recycling. Our customers only need to tell us where a battery needs to be transported and we take care of the rest.

Our Full Service Offer:


We have a Europe-wide logistics network of dangerous goods and waste transporters equipped for the rapid transport of dangerous goods. With this network we can ensure safe, fast and reliable transport. We bring the appropriate packaging to the place of loading, so you do not have to worry about anything.

Transport boxes

Our transport box forms a complete system without additional parts and are very intuitive to load. Thus, even employees – who do not load batteries every day – can easily load any type of battery into the boxes while ensuring the highest possible safety. In addition, our patented technology enables flexible and time-saving loading and unloading of the batteries.


Optionally, we also offer recycling to round off our full service. If required, we can take your batteries directly to our recycling partner. Our partners meet the highest quality standards and recycle your batteries with the latest technology. Afterwards you will receive the proof that your batteries have been recycled.

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The Co-Founders

Meet the LiBCycle Founder-team

Philipp Brunotte co-founder LiBCycle

Philipp Brunotte

Business perspective

Philipp is the entrepreneurial heart of the company. Through his experience in consulting and private equity, he knows that it is important to create the best possible service for the clients and implements this at LiBCycle. This creates the highest possible value for our clients.

Aron Nemeth co-founder LiBCycle

Áron Németh

Technological perspective

Áron is the technological brain of LiBCycle. Through his experience at TUM Hyperloop, he understands what it means to innovate and think about concepts in a completely new way. He is passionate about both technology and IT and manages to create an extraordinary solution through creative and novel concepts.