A more efficient transport of defective electric vehicle batteries.

By providing intelligent transport boxes and suitable logistics.

The Problem

Where the issue lies with electric vehicles.

The number of electric vehicles is rapidly increasing. But what happens to possible defective lithium-ion batteries?

So far, the industry has focused on building up recycling capacities. However, the current transportation method of defective lithium-ion batteries is extremely disorganised, complex, inefficient and cost-intensive.

LiBCycle Prototype

The Solution

We provide the answer to this problem.

Our business model enables faster, more efficient and cost-effective transport of defective electric vehicle batteries by providing intelligent transport boxes and suitable logistics. We are also developing a platform that makes it possible to locate and track the defective batteries – and thus the resources they contain. In addition, the trade of the defective batteries will be enabled on a marketplace. We offer the complete transport as an all-in-one solution – from the transport box to the logistics service by our Partner inTime Express Solution and the mapping of origin and destination via a digital platform solution.

In this way, we want to make the so far non-transparent inner-European recycling of defective electric vehicle batteries transparent, fast and efficient to reduce Europe’s dependence on the global resource market.

Furthermore, we create a simple solution for all parties involved, all from one hand.

The Co-founders

Meet the LiBCycle Co-founders

Philipp Brunotte

Business perspective

Philipp is the entrepreneurial heart of the company. Based on his working experiences in consulting and private equity, he knows the importance of customer centricity for products and services, and he makes sure that this is realized at LiBCycle as well. As a result, the highest possible value is created for our customers.

Áron Németh

Technological perspective

Áron is the technological brain of LiBCycle. Through his experience at TUM Hyperloop, he understands what it means to innovate and develop new concepts in the most efficient way. He is passionate about both engineering and IT and manages to create an exceptional solution through creative and pioneering concepts.

Partner & Supporter

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